Napkin Diagrams

Growing up, my family rarely ate at a restaurant without leaving remnants of our conversations behind on paper napkins and placemats.  We would draw maps, and graphs, and machines – not all the details but just enough to get across the main idea. So many of the most interesting ideas in science seem to be exchanged informally in the same way.

This blog aims to cover recent developments at the intersection of ecology, evolution and the microbiome.  I’ll focus especially on topics that relate to our work with The Global Coral Microbiome Project, which seeks to understand the evolutionary relationships between corals and their many microbial symbionts. I’m especially interested in sharing new ideas from our work and from the literature in simple and digestable packages. I haven’t blogged much previously, so I’m sure the form of the content will evolve over time.  But the core goal for this blog will be to capture some of the magic of napkin diagrams in online form.

— Edit 10/19/14.  Replaced placeholder text for this entry.

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